June 30, 2009

Magic Helps with the Paperwork

I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggles with plowing through the paperwork.

Being the person in charge of handling all the ‘back-end’ bookkeeping, tax-filing and paperwork-processing duties at The Sacred Well, I haven’t always kept up with my end of the bargain in the timeliest of fashions.

But I decided to finally tackle the huge piles of to-dos last week... and I used the energy of the new moon to help jump-start this initiative.

To mark my intention, I lit a tall white jar candle last Monday morning, the day of the new moon. I chose white to represent the purity of my vision, to organize and clarify the financial data of the store. I dressed the candle with sage (to get rid of any negative energy attached to this work), a couple drops of our Mind Untwister elixir (to prepare my mind for detail-orientation), and some white glitter (because glitter is fun).

It burned on my altar all last week, and a HUGE amount of work got accomplished. Thank you, universe, for helping me face my paperwork demons... and to show me that the whole thing wasn’t nearly as ‘demonic’ as I’d feared. I actually enjoyed the organizational efforts.