July 21, 2009

Science of Tarot: Minor Arcana in August

Rabbit's "Science of Tarot: Minor Arcana" class
Monday Aug. 3, Tuesday Aug. 11, Monday Aug. 17, Tuesday Aug. 25
7-9:30 PM
The Sacred Well
536 Grand Ave.
Oakland, CA
$150 for 4-week class

Each week we will cover an entire suit of the Minor Arcana, aka "The Pips." Watch the stories unfold as you learn the powerfully specific messages of the Pip cards. While the Major Arcana are large-scale life choices/changes, and the Court Cards are people and physical energies, the Pips offer specific messages about day-to-day actions and possibilities. Ever wonder how a fortune teller knows you're about to take a trip, get a new job, or attend a wedding? It's all in the numbers!

Call The Sacred Well at 510-444-9355 with your credit or debit card ready to register for your place in this class. Class size is limited.

On deck:
Watch for "The Magician's Laboratory," a hands-on, practical spellcraft class with Rabbit on Wednesdays in September (9, 16, 23, 30)

Aquae Vitae Workshop 7/26

July 26
Rabbit's Roundtable: "Aquae Vitae"
The Sacred Well
536 Grand Ave
Oakland, CA
3-5 PM

Rabbit's Roundtable is a monthly workshop for the beginning to advanced
student of herbalism, magic, and myth. Each month, Rabbit presents lore and
information about a different topic, followed by an opportunity to make a
potion or spell based on the days' discussion. This month, we will be
making healing waters, or "waters of life" that may be taken internally, or
used externally in baths, washes, and cleansing. Are you a mermaid? A Water
sign? An alchemist or herbalist? Do you love baths? Are you in need of
healing and change? Does your home or office need a magical cleansing? Does
your soul need to be soothed and cooled? This class will provide you with
new ways to make magical, herbal wines, tub soaks, eau de cologne, and
body/home washes. Please bring a clean glass bottle or jar with a cap or lid
for this class, at least 8 ounces or larger.

To register, call 510- 444-9355 or stop in to the Sacred Well and sign up.
Please have your credit or debit card handy to pre-pay and reserve your

July 16, 2009

Clear your calendars!

Because this weekend will be a lot of fun at The Sacred Well.
Friday night, local author and shamanic healer Mikaya Heart will be discussing her book, With the Sun in My Eyes, from 6 to 8 pm. Copies will be available for purchase (and signing!)
Saturday night, our very own Rhatura Bowden will be celebrating the opening of his art show, The Elements of Rha, with poetry, music and wine (three of our favorite things).
Sunday night, we'll be hosting our first in-store concert, with Grammy-recognized singer/songwriter Caera and her Celtic harp. What a diverse and wonderful weekend we'll be having! Come join us!

But, Iris! You may say, I wrote a magical book that the community should know about! Or, Iris! I am an artist with profound, meaningful works and no place to show them! Or perhaps, Iris! I have esoteric skills and knowledge I want to teach others! Or even, Iris! I am a musician and I want to showcase my soulful tunes in a beautiful atmosphere!

Well, you should know that The Sacred Well wants to help you with that. Our vision for The Sacred Well has always been a place where our community can come together and share knowledge and fun. If you are an artist, author, musician or teacher and you have an idea for a workshop, signing, concert or show, please contact us!

And if you are interested in attending more events like these, check out our calendar page!

July 13, 2009

My Stones are My Friends

My stones are my friends.

I take one or two along with me in my pocket, depending on what type of stone energy - whose - I want to share my day with.

They live all over my house in little dishes, just like at the store, adding their imprint to each room like each colorful character brings a certain flavor of conversation to the party. Everyone’s presence is known and appreciated.

I have so many favorites, I could barely name them all, but to even begin to detail some special personalities is a sheer joy:

*my apophyllite cluster, which looks just like the Sydney Opera House;

*my "remote control" Lemurian quartz wand, flat and ridged on one face, buzzing its wisdom into my hands;

*its cousin (both from the same Brazilian mine where all our Lemurians are from), the polished Lemurian point, with dancing rainbow strobe lights igniting its insides (I remember first unwrapping it with Iris, and telling her instantly that this one was coming home with me);

*my special "sacred seven" collection of 7 amazing danburite crystals from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, a whole family of one of my favorite crystal friends;

*of course, my ruby, the first big rock of my adult life (thank you, M), still charred with scar marks from the ’98 fire in my NYC apartment (careful with the fire element, Barry!);

*my favorite hi-vibe pair, the phenacite and the morganite (from a favorite Brazilian gemological vendor), unbelievable quality, laser-clear etheric light, and I am connected;

*the hedgehog-like cluster of scolecite needles, dotted with cube-shaped apophyllites, emissary from India’s mineral wonderland...

Now that I have The Sacred Well to channel my rock-and-crystal-loving frenzy into, I focus less on my own personal collection.

I enjoy befriending the special stones in the store, then bid them a fond farewell as they proceed on their journeys home, each with the person it was supposed to be with, who it was meant to next befriend.