July 13, 2009

My Stones are My Friends

My stones are my friends.

I take one or two along with me in my pocket, depending on what type of stone energy - whose - I want to share my day with.

They live all over my house in little dishes, just like at the store, adding their imprint to each room like each colorful character brings a certain flavor of conversation to the party. Everyone’s presence is known and appreciated.

I have so many favorites, I could barely name them all, but to even begin to detail some special personalities is a sheer joy:

*my apophyllite cluster, which looks just like the Sydney Opera House;

*my "remote control" Lemurian quartz wand, flat and ridged on one face, buzzing its wisdom into my hands;

*its cousin (both from the same Brazilian mine where all our Lemurians are from), the polished Lemurian point, with dancing rainbow strobe lights igniting its insides (I remember first unwrapping it with Iris, and telling her instantly that this one was coming home with me);

*my special "sacred seven" collection of 7 amazing danburite crystals from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, a whole family of one of my favorite crystal friends;

*of course, my ruby, the first big rock of my adult life (thank you, M), still charred with scar marks from the ’98 fire in my NYC apartment (careful with the fire element, Barry!);

*my favorite hi-vibe pair, the phenacite and the morganite (from a favorite Brazilian gemological vendor), unbelievable quality, laser-clear etheric light, and I am connected;

*the hedgehog-like cluster of scolecite needles, dotted with cube-shaped apophyllites, emissary from India’s mineral wonderland...

Now that I have The Sacred Well to channel my rock-and-crystal-loving frenzy into, I focus less on my own personal collection.

I enjoy befriending the special stones in the store, then bid them a fond farewell as they proceed on their journeys home, each with the person it was supposed to be with, who it was meant to next befriend.

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