June 9, 2010

Special Guest Reader Weekend!

We at The Sacred Well are so pleased to announce the addition of not one, but two new readers to our team. It is a Divine Blessing to offer so much variety and diversity in our divination services and we could not be more excited about it.

So, without further ado, allow us to introduce Iyanifa Fakayode, who will be offering Ife Divination and Laura Kennedy, who is skilled in the art of Hand Analysis.

Special date Saturday, June 12
Iyanifa Fakayode - Ife Divination
30 minutes: $51 / 60 minutes: $101 / 120 minutes: $151

Iyanifa Fakayode is a priest of Ifa and of Obatala, Chief of the White Cloth. She has been a member of Ile Orunmila Oshun since 1990 and serves as Head Diviner.

Fakayode is adept in several forms of Ifa divination including Four Cowry divination, Sixteen Cowry divination (Merindinlogun), and Obi Obata. She is a student of Dafa, the divination system that is used by Ifa initiates. As a student of Ifa and of the Orisha tradition, Fakayode shares her learnings and the teachings of Ifa widely. Her primary focus is on communicating the messages of spirit and the teachings of the elders and ancestors.

Fakayode will also be available during the week on Thursday afternoons from 5:00 until 8:00pm.

Special dates Sunday June 13
and Friday June 18
Laura Kennedy - Hand Analysis

30 minutes: $50 / 60 minutes: $95

Hand Analysis combines ancient tradition with modern research to tell you about your identity at a deep level and to show you how that deep, core identity combines with your outer personality to create the unique person that you are. You will learn your Life Purpose, your Life Lesson, and how to make that lesson your ally instead of your enemy.

Laura has been a full time hand analyst for four years, helping clients to discover and live their life purpose. A former psychotherapist and book editor, she is married and the mother of three grown children.

We fully expect that their reading schedules will book up fast, so make sure to call today at 510.555.9344 to make your appointment.