August 19, 2008

A lil' Money Mojo today...

So today, one of our very favorite customers, Cecily, came in to the store to buy a money candle. (Yes, I did get permission to use her real name.) You see, Cecily just fought- and won! Yay!- a battle with a cancerous tumor which put her out of work for a month. (Shout outs to Cecily for beating cancer up.) Now, as an up-and-coming hotshot Oakland attorney with her very own private practice, Cecily is self-employed. What happens when a self-employed person doesn't get to work for a month? You get the picture...

In she walked, headed straight to the altar room to do a little mojo there, then swooped up a Money Spell candle. She took a moment to dress it, carefully inscribing her money needs onto it at our candle-dressing bar, sprinkling it with altar oil, a little prosperity powder, some gold and green glitter, and what-have-you. Sashayed up to the register and took a moment to tell us of her fiscal woes and to reiterate to us, and the Universe, that she could really use some money, "now, right now, right away."

We wished her well and reminded her that it always works out, and just to focus on making it happen. As our friend Dragonfly says, "Hocus-pocus, use your focus!"

Two hours later, she bounced back into the store with a wad of cash, waving it under our noses with glee. My first comment was, "Put that away and don't let anyone see you! Girl, this is Oakland!" (I was just kidding...sort of. I'm all for protecting one's assets in any urban environment. So don't get on me about busting on Oakland- I got mad love for Oakland. Like the t-shirt says, "I hella heart Oakland.")

"Guess what?"
"I left the store, walked down the street to my office, and there was a client standing in front of my door, waiting for me. I hadn't even lit the candle yet! And then, right after that, another client walked in and paid full cash up front to retain me for services! I was actually kind of freaking out at how quickly that worked. I mean, I've done this before and it worked, but wow- that REALLY worked REALLY fast!"

"Yep, that's why we call it magic."

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