April 7, 2009

Lucid Dreaming with black kyanite

Tonight, this friendly lady came into the store. Let's call her "Lucid Dreamer." Maybe "Lucid" for short.

So, Lucid comes up to the counter and opens with, "I'm not a weird person. In fact, I am a very practical person. BUT..." Now, let me just say how much we love stories that open like that. We are, in fact, a bunch of very weird people and so whatever comes after that phrase is almost always certainly to delight us. Tonight was no exception.

Lucid proceeded to tell us about a dream she had. A very vivid dream. In this dream, she reached up to scratch an itch on her nose, and felt something there. Not to be graphic, but she thought it was a bit of snot. But when she scratched her nose, she started to pull something down and out. It was long-ish, black, it looked like bark, but was glossy. That was the dream.

She had never been to TSW before- had looked us up, has some past experience with similar shops and was interested to see what we have to offer. She goes to the gym down the street, like many of our customers (Bless you, you healthy folks!) Tonight, as she walked past the store, she just felt drawn to come in...

...and she walked right up to the black kyanite and said, "This is it! This is what was in my dream!"

Then Lucid sat down and read in our crystal books about black kyanite and how it is all about lucid dreaming, and how it is connected to the pineal gland (AKA the third eye, right above the nose and between the eyebrows- exactly where she pulled it out from in the dream), and how it clears obstacles and connects us to past lives. She was stunned. She said recently she has been thinking a lot about lucid dreaming, past lives and karma.

Needless to say, she left very happy and a bit dazed by the magic of it all, and with a nice piece of black kyanite in her pocket. Wonder what will happen next? Good luck, Lucid Dreamer!

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