May 22, 2009

What's a "Cornucopia Hat"?

It's an amazingly creative birthday gift!

Today at The Sacred Well, creative co-conspirators Arielle and Aaron put together a super magical gift for a "Earth Mama" friend of theirs (Taurus, Year of the Rat...of course!). They grabbed up a hand-made witch's hat and filled it to the brim with wonderful things!

A carnelian for power, a rhodocrosite for heart healing, a pyrite to draw money and an azurite/malachite for beauty and steadiness. They added a few black, purple and peacock feathers, some flowers they picked by the lake, and some yummy bath salts and soaps. A little tissue and a little fluffing, and voila! the best birthday gift for an earthy Taurus gal!

Thanks for inspiring us with your creativity, Aaron and Arielle!

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