August 10, 2009

New Magick Festival!

If you know me, you may have heard me talk about all the fun I've had at outdoor pagan festivals back home in the Midwest. It may seem counter-intuitive, but since magicians and witches are so spread out in the middle of the country, we have even more reason to gather together as often as we can. I've attended Pagan Spirit Gathering in Ohio (now held in Missouri) and Heartland Festival (in Kansas). An interesting fact about these festivals is that they generally require you to volunteer to help out at some point during the gathering. So, even though I was going for fellowship and magick, I often found myself hauling trash and recycling, directing cars in the parking lot, or playing with kids at the daycare tent.

Even with all the work, I love camping festivals! Meeting new people, really big rituals (up to 1,000 witches in one space!), and the drumming, campfires and music! I love the idealism of living in intentional community even for a sort time!

It's true that PantheaCon is a great time, and that it's got lots of people. I will attend PCon as long as I am able. But someting about being in a hotel; no incense, no fire, no need to borrow a cookpot from a neighbor, no getting to know you chats while waiting in line for a (much needed) shower; it just doesn't do it for me.

So, knowing all that, you will understand why I am so pleased to announce to The Sacred Well community that my other spiritual community, Come As You Are Coven, is putting on our very first Harvest Home Magick and Music Festival taking place Mabon (Equinox) Weekend, September 18-20. Link and Official announcement below.
Blessed Be and Happy Camping,

Harvest Home Magick & Music Festival
Sept. 18, 19 & 20, 2009
Stone City Pagan Sanctuary
Livermore, CA

Early registration:
$80 per adult before September 1,
$40 per child under 18 (children under 3 are free)

Regular registration after 9/1:
$100 per adult, $50 per child under 18 (children under 3 still free)

You’ve been to our fabulous rituals, you’ve attended our wild ‘n wacky social events and parties…

Now, join us out in nature for the very best of what CAYA has to offer!

3 days of workshops, rituals, and musical performances by CAYA clergy and local performers, outdoors at a beautiful pagan sanctuary where magick and wonder abound! This is an opportunity for us to spend some time soaking up one another’s knowledge and talents, settling in to deep sacred space with one another, and opening our hearts, minds, and third eyes to the long-term vision of The Land! Many of you have heard us in CAYA animatedly discussing our goal of acquiring land to become a pagan retreat, sanctuary, and sustainable community. Now, it’s time to practice for that goal! Part of our vision for the Harvest Home Festival is that we all, eventually, won’t have to go home from it because we will already BE home at a sanctuary of our own. Join us to support and contribute to this vision of a refuge for weary urban pagans who need refreshment and renewal. Practice makes perfect, so why not start by joyously camping with us now?

Plus, you’ll be so glad you attended! The workshops, rituals, and performances are going to be soulful, beautiful, and inspiring. In true CAYA fashion, we’ll be offering Interfaith, eclectic rituals and workshops, so there will be something for everyone. We’ll be posting more information about these as the Committee makes its final selections in the coming weeks, so watch this spot for more information, but make sure to reserve YOUR spot at this event now.

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