October 22, 2009

Free TCM event Tomorrow night!

Traditional Chinese Medical Secrets of Health and Longevity
With Prajna Paramita Choudry, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M
Friday, October 23
FREE (Please RSVP at (510)444-WELL)

This 1-hour class will address how the traditional Chinese/ Taoist Understanding of the body differs formt eh modern scientific and mechanistic view of the body.

Basic TCM theories about the body and health will be covered, including living in harmony with nature, balance of yin and yang, and the body as a microcosm of universal forces. Recommendations for lifestyle and healing, such as specific suggestions regarding diet, rest, exercise, herbs, and acupuncture stem from this holistic understanding of the body and health.

Find out more at : http://www.perfect-wisdom-acupuncture-and-herbs.com/

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