April 1, 2010

Love is in the Air at The Sacred Well!

Spring is here! Today, at least, is sunny and flowers are blooming. It's the perfect time to open ourselves up to beauty and love.

Women - if you haven't joined us for Goddess Awakening Services yet, this is the month to start! Rabbit and Iris collaborate each month to create a Sunday service that cleanses and renews our spirits and gets us ready to move forward as our best selves! This month, we are joined by Priestess Tanisha and other dedicated Aphrodite priestesses to affirm our self-love, revel in our beauty and share our joy in life!

Everyone - at 12, the store opens and Priestess Tanisha, North American Keeper of the Sacred Flame of Aphrodite, will be distributing this amazingly powerful gift! How incredible that this practice, like the stories we hear about ancient priestesses of the Goddess, is happening here and now! (Iris is a bit excited about this, can you tell?)

Plus, The Sacred Well is offering 10% off our Love Candles all day! Our very own Rabbit, herself a High Priestess dedicated to Aphrodite will be on hand to bless and dress these candles for you.

So now you know the place to be on Sunday; Goddess Awakening for women starts at 11am, and Aphrodite Tea starts at 12pm. No need to sign up or call ahead, just join us for a LOVE-ly afternoon!

Blessed Be!

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