November 4, 2010

The First Annual Sacred Well Holiday Artisans Faire!

Have you ever noticed that locally produced, handmade goods are the best gifts? Those special items that your family and friends keep talking about for years? Join us as we welcome some of our favorite artisans for our first annual Sacred Well Holiday Artisans Faire! Three Saturdays in November from Noon until 6pm, you’ll have the chance to meet local artists and vendors as well as pick up some wonderfully unique holiday gifts! Each week we’ll host a new group of artisans, so be sure to stop in!

November 6:
The Sacred Hearth: Practical Magic for a Happy Home
Lady Maia Mermaid believes that our homes are our most sacred of spaces and her craft and herbal creations reflect that deeply held philosophy. She creates for both the magical and mundane, knowing that the line between the two doesn’t actually exist.

From the Fig Tree: Textiles and Clothing
Always addicted to fabric and fiber arts, Hummingbird creates clothing and accessories with magical intent and love of detail.

Ars Fabrica: Artisanal Goods and Fine Comestibles
Limited-edition batches of local and organic fruit preserves and lovingly hand-crafted toys, jewelry and other sundries are distinguished from the craft milieu by their curious nature. Created by artist Jenny Wilde, each item is one of a kind and a work of art in itself.

Barbara Cormack - Corven Design
Barbara Cormack has been making jewelry ever since she can remember. Her one-of-a-kind designs incorporate silver, gold, semi-precious stones, and unique magickal details. Adorn yourself with a special piece from Corven Design!

Drew Ward: Just Rewards
Operated by Drew Ward, a Heathen priest of Frey and member of Hammer of Thor Kindred, Just Rewards will be offering genuine Baltic amber jewelry and small gift items including birch bark boxes and other treasures at surprisingly comfortable prices.

November 13:
Divine Intentions with Constant Change
Artist Constant Change creates the custom tools that fit your magical needs. Using crystals, woods, bones and beads, he crafts wands, staffs and unique ritual tools with Divine Intentions.

Prudence Priest: Amber and Jet Jewelry
Prudence Priest is a witch, Elder in Covenant of the Goddess and the Troth. She has been selling amber and jet since the 1980’s and travels to the Baltics annually to buy amber.

Stars in Jars
Stars in Jars Essences are vibrational remedies co-created with nature from a combination of flower, gem, environmental and cosmic essences. Alison and Claudia bring many years of devotional spiritual practice and experience as healers to making their one of a kind formulas that are "magic in a bottle". Essences are created in sacred space with channeled blessings to benefit mind, body, and soul.

By Nieves Handmade Natural Body Care:
By Nieves is a natural handmade body care line produced with organic ingredients and served with a twist. Nieves delights in formulating unique and wonderful body care, developing products that she wants to use - and has found that other people are looking for the same! Voted "Best Local Skincare Line" by SF Weekly.

November 20:
Gray Lady
Gray Lady is a collection of artists, with a variety of talents to offer the San Francisco Bay Area. For this craft faire they will be presenting specialty prints of paintings and photography, handmade jewelry, collages, and hand made paper.

Balis Runa
Artist Leticia Andreas offers a colorful mixture of magical and could-be-magical items for the practitioner and practical collector alike. She will be showing jewelry from Peru as well as her own handmade jewelry and trinket boxes, belly dance belts, and altar candles.

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law : Shadowscapes
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is the artist and author of the Shadowscapes Tarot. Her books, prints, and jewelry feature fantastical dream imagery. What Stephanie tries to convey with her art is not simply fantasy, but the fantastic, the sense of wonder, that which is sacred.

Bekah's Naturals Global Herbs & Essences: body/enviro sprays and oils
Body Butter, Anointing Oils and Sprays, Perfumes With Purpose and Smelling Salts all handcrafted from essential oils and herbs, using no synthetics. Single note essential oils will also be available for those who want to create on their own or may be blended to order.

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