June 22, 2008

Furry Store Mascot?

with JoJo

Wednesday was a momentous day for our family.

It was the first time I brought JoJo, the lovably gigantic 1-½-year-old puppy, to the store on a day we were opened for business.

I’ve been hesitant to bring him in, since a 100-lb. dog barking at customers isn’t generally considered good for business. He’s actually very very sweet... but also quite protective of me, naturally. And he’s big. And his bark sounds mean. So I can imagine, if one isn’t a dog person, he could be quite intimidating. (Those of us who actually know him, alas, would find that characterization laughable.)

JoJo spent a couple hours at my side, while Rabbit and Mollie and I held our product development meeting around the table. Mostly, he just lounged on the floor next to me.

But whenever a new customer came in and startled him from daydreaming, he’d let out a single bark. He’d prance over and give ‘em a little sniff-and-friendly-lick action... before deciding they posed no threat to me. Then, he became the cute doggie everybody always ends up loving.

I’ll feel better when JoJo matures into not giving that initial bark. All in all, though, he did very well. No customers were uncomfortable with him. (Most, in fact, seemed to adore him.)

Of course, we have to keep him away from the lower-to-the-ground display tables. His tail could easily take out some merchandise.

with Little JoJo (who lives at the store)

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