June 18, 2008

Water, Water, Everywhere

It’s been clear to both Rabbit and me since the beginning that the energy of the store is very strong in the water element.

During the first ritual the two of us held together in the space, an unexplained puddle of water appeared, as if it had overflowed from somewhere... only we couldn’t determine where.

The first several bottles of sparkling water I opened in there, while we were first getting the place set up, semi-exploded and squirted wetness all over the place. (I’m finally learning how to avoid this.)

And just the other day, on one of the very first hot days since we’ve been opened, I tried out the air-conditioning... and after an hour or so in operation, it spontaneously leaked a stream of water out of an overhead pipe.

(Not to leave out all the many many tears of healing that’ve already been shed in our Reading Room.)

Of course, we are situated directly across from Lake Merritt, one of the only blocks (or perhaps the only one) of lakeside frontage that actually features retail space. We’re in a very special, and very watery, location.


Maceo Martica said...

I have found the water element to be so healing living by the lake. You have both Yemaya and Oshun elements on your side since it's both a fresh and salt water lake. Many blessins.

Rabbit said...

Thanks, Maceo, for shouting out to Yemaya and Oshun! Oshun actually guided us really significantly in our process of opening the store. I'm going to blog about that, actually. :)