June 18, 2008

Right Before We Opened...

A behind-the-scenes look at the store before it was "the store"?

Before the grand opening of The Sacred Well, there was Rabbit and Barry getting ready for the opening. What else would I be doing than snapping pics of the whole thing? It's so surreal to see how different the place looks now. I hardly remembered it ever looked like this... and it was only eight months ago.

As we were still laying out merchandise, we put Post-Its on everything to remind us what the prices should be. (Then, when one would fall off, we were totally confused.)

Boxes, mounds of stuff ("where does this go?"), an empty display case... and, of course, a velvet head.

So many empty cardboard boxes piled up at the door, we almost blocked ourselves in...

... and a very proud mama Rabbit, beaming, dotted with exhaustion, just a glint of terror in her eyes. We're about to open our store!

It's amazing how a lot of love can change a place, isn't it?

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Rabbit said...

The photo of the pile of boxes cracked me up. I remember how stressed I was, staring at those boxes. Every day new merchandise would arrive and the pile would get bigger. I truly didn't know if we would ever be able to get rid of them all. Then, the night we got the recycling account set up and put them ALL out on the curb, a tiny old woman pulled up in a car, piled them ALL into the car and took them away to claim them for cash. Go figure. Hee hee!