June 27, 2008

Upcoming Candle Magick Workshop

The Sacred Well in Oakland is hosting a Candle Magick Workshop featuring the knowledge and experience of Rabbit, owner of The Sacred Well and High Priestess of Come As You Are Coven, and Iris, Sacred Well Manager and High Priestess in Come As You Are Coven as well as the Evensong Tradition.

Candle burning is the ideal method for making magickally quick changes in nearly any situation: love, money, security, psychic ability, justice, health, or spirituality. This is a great opportunity to practice your spellworking skills, and learn some new techniques for transforming yourself and your life.

Join us for a 2.5-hour candle magick workshop, featuring tips and practices for using candles to achieve your goals. Figure candles, spell candles, and votive candles will be used to demonstrate a variety of spellcasting techniques. Want to move beyond the "carve the candle and write down the goal" model into more advanced practices? Want to learn how to interpret the results of your spell by watching the burn pattern of the candle? Want to learn some useful chants, songs, hand motions, and other tips for further empowering your candle spell? Then, by all means, please do come to this workshop. In addition to information, you'll receive 2 spell candles to work with in the class and take home to practice your new techniques.

Class size is limited to 13 people, so call The Sacred Well to register for this class today. (510) 444-WELL (9355)

Cost: $35 (includes 2 spell candles that will be prepared during the class)

Date and Time: Sunday July, 6th; 5-7:30pm

The Sacred Well is located at 536 Grand Avenue in Oakland, CA.

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Heather said...

Damn. I'm going to be out of town that day. I'll be interested in upcoming workshops along these lines, however.

(I was in yesterday with Kaerla.)