July 7, 2008

American Terrorist - poem by Rha

I am an American Terrorist, some say an anarchist ::
  :: I bring wisdom to the masses like the fire from Prometheus ::
I spark an inner light to make your soul shine bright ::
  :: so you can become like a star and sparkle in the night ::
It's your birthright to be free and to live in harmony ::
  :: Conditioned fear is used to enslave you psychologically ::
The threat of terror is a means to control your behavior ::
  :: Like Hell and the idea that you need to be saved by a Savior ::

You are responsible for your own life so create your Self ::
  :: Transform thoughts of poverty into spiritual wealth ::
We have never been told that we are beautiful and whole ::
  :: Each of us is a diamond yet all we see is the coal ::
Our societies perpetuate the notion that we are not complete ::
  :: The media and corporate industries further promote this deceit ::
by fabricating the illusion that we need more material things ::
  :: We believe that love is shown by the karats on wedding rings ::

Commercials and printed Ads stimulate the desire to consume ::
  :: We feed the need but still can't fill the vacuum ::
No amount of goods will satisfy the empty souls ::
  :: It's like feeding the hungry with bowls full of holes ::
Our psyches absorb images that suggest that we have inherent flaws ::
  :: Young girls starve themselves and others wish to fill bigger bras ::

Celebrity makeovers and nip tucks distort the visions on TV ::
  :: We live in a culture that endorses plastic surgery ::
We are taught to identify with the body and with our lower nature ::
  :: These are parts of ourselves but not the full picture ::
There is a divine spirit housed in this body ::
  :: The Gods created my image and my soul is the carbon copy ::
and the blueprint of the Universe manifested by the Word ::
  ::My conscious rises from inner fires like the fabled Phoenix bird ::

I soar on winds of ether and travel to higher dimensions ::
  :: My wings are like sails as I move through Kosmic heavens ::
for home is where the heart is and my heart is my home ::
  :: In my Holy of Holies I can hear the sound of Om ::
vibrating through zero gravity on Its way to Eternity ::
  :: I paint words on mental canvases with my verbal graffiti ::
I spray portraits of ideas and landscapes of thought ::
  :: I create master pieces that cannot be bought ::
or sold, I am an Alchemist manifesting spiritual gold ::
  :: Behold the Light of Knowledge that fortifies this stronghold ::

I am Bold & Beautiful, though at times Young and Restless ::
  :: I have One Life to Live so I try to be fearless ::
These are the Days of Our Lives and I want to live them right ::
  :: so As the World Turns I follow the Guiding Light :: 
These verses belong to scriptures that have not been realized ::
  :: like the Illumined spirit who in the flesh remains disguised ::
I am NoSys the embodiment of Divine Intelligence ::
  ::sent to Earth to awaken Man's consciousness ::

written by NoSys the Sage aka Rha

****The views and content of this poem do not necessarily state or reflect the opinion of the Sacred Well or its owners.****

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