September 16, 2008

Our 1st Anniversary is coming!

Save the date of October 25, 2008, everybody! That will be the store's one-year anniversary party!

It's pretty amazing how far we've come in one year. I am never short on things to be thankful for- our loyal, supportive, and growing customer community; the beauty of our urban oasis, Lake Merritt; Barry's and my wonderful relationship and our really great staff and SW family: Ninette, Medea, Violet, Ricky, Jojo, our supportive parents, Mollie & Jenna, Iris & Jack, Rha, Suzanne..the friends from CAYA and other local spiritual communities...the list goes on. With a list of thank-yous this long, I feel certain that we have established a great foundation this year, with lots of good to come.

One of our major goals this year was to develop and launch a line of products based on some of the talents exhibited by our team here at TSW. We're happy to announce that at our 1-year anniversary party, we will have new products that represent a true community effort: from candle design by Ninette to oils and elixirs created by Rabbit and Barry, mixed and perfected by Mollie's aromatherapy skills, to artwork and graphic layout by Rha...and a t-shirt...

So come and visit us on the 25th of October, promise? Help us celebrate with gratitude the ancestors, guides, goddesses, stars and all those who've "got our back." We can all toast our mutual efforts to make magic happen every day. And hey...thanks.

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Ninette Lewis said...

Happy Birthday Sacred Well!