September 30, 2008

Tangerine Quartz

Barry just got back from a crystal show in Denver with lots of delicious crystals.

This morning I began my shift at The Sacred Well and was excited to browse all the new stones that had been put out in small bowls. I stopped in front of these very juicy, plump Tangerine Quartz, "Enhances one's creative energy" the little sign read. I grabbed one and felt a jolt of excitement go up my arm. I picked one out for myself and carried it around all day. Let me interrupt here by saying that I've sort of had a creative block for quite some time now. I've been unable to sketch, draw or paint. I sit, sketchbook open, favorite pen in hand and...nothing. But today, I was drawing on post it notes, my hand was grabbing for the nicest pen in the abalone shell on the counter, wanting to sketch. I was happy to have that impulsive-wanting-to-sketch feeling back. I had completely forgotten that I was carrying the Tangerine Quartz around with me until I reached in my pocket. On my way home I held and rubbed the crystal, wanting its energy to rub off on me. When I got home, my entire body had that excited creative jolt in it and I found myself scanning old artwork and uploading it onto my blog. Now I've had a very productive night and I'm grateful for that little Tangerine Quartz.

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Ken said...

Tangerine Quartz? That's news to me. Sounds like something I might want to get my hands on.

Of course, reading this makes me lament selling my entire stone collection years ago, including a 2-inch kyanite crystal which now is impossible to replace (at least for the inexpensive price I bought it at).

Oh well... time to rebuild...