October 6, 2008

Oh, Yeah... The Money Corner

I hadn’t noticed when the money corner of the store began to pile up with boxes and other crap.

It was only when Iris and I began to grid the store with four vials of alchemical Sacred Salt mix (made my friend Ben Commons, a Santa Barbara-based astrologer, alchemist & energy worker)—and realized we couldn’t reach that last far corner—that we discovered our feng shui gaffe.

Iris, bless her heart, proceeded to spend the next twenty minutes cleaning out our money corner. (She even found broken glass and a long-displaced food container in those hinterlands.) Thank you, Iris, as always.

Store gridded with the salt mix, money corner cleared and rededicated... the next two days were FANTASTIC saleswise.

That first day after the clearing, we even sold that amazing specimen-quality celestite cluster (a big ticket item, to be sure) within only a week of putting it out. I just picked it up at the Denver mineral show I attended last month, and had never seen a celestite cluster quite like it.

Needless to say, it’s only one of MANY goodies I found...

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emily said...

That's really great! And thanks for the timely post: I think I need to work out the money corner in my new place and get it fixed quickly! :)