January 27, 2009

Even my parents call me Mulder...

Recently, Ninette and I have been Netflix-ing episodes of The X-Files, and indulging our inner Conspiracy Theorists. We love stuff like that, as I am sure many of you do, too.

So, the thing about watching the X-Files is that it sort of seeps into your system. We call one another "Scully" and "Mulder" and such. (You guess who is who!) Last week, Ninette's boss called her, and she accidentally thought it was me. Ninette answered, "Hi Spooky!" and then there was much explaining to do...

Today we're standing at the counter like two pigeons on a wire, chatting about the day's events thus far. Ninette ate half a cantaloupe for breakfast this morning and she is in a good mood. I am wearing a comfortable outfit, except my pants are having Mercury Retrograde and untied themselves and almost fell down this morning. You know, we discuss important stuff. Ninette mentioned that the other night she had a dream where someone was driving her around in a green Fiat. I was kind of blown away, because today when I drove up to the store, there was a green Fiat parked outside. Our Conspiracy Theorist antennae went up. Hmmm...then we began to allow ourselves to imaginate.

Ninette, "You know, that blue tow truck is always parked over across the street on Tuesdays, blocking my view of the Lake."

Me: "It might be a surveillance vehicle. but then again, it's so open, with windows and everything. If it were truly for surveillance it would be a white van."

N: "They don't use vans for surveillance. It would be too obvious."

Me: "Mulder was in a van for surveillance."

N: "No he wasn't."

Me: "Yes he was. Remember when they closed down the X-Files and he was in that van eating sunflower seeds?"

N: "Oh yeah, you're right!... That makes you a real geek."

Me: "Yep."

(Silence for a minute. We shift our gaze back to the blue truck blocking the Lake. A white van suddenly pulls away from a parking spot in front of the store.)

Me: "Our cover has been blown. I repeat, our cover has been blown. Abort Mission. ABORT MISSION!"

Endless fun at TSW. You should come down and have some laughs with us today.

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