January 20, 2009

It's a new day, America!

This morning, with tears streaming down our cheeks, sipping tea, Ninette and I watched the inauguration of Barack Obama. So happy about this.

Someone once told me that for a Buddhist, a perfect day is the balance of 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows. I thought about how Pres. Obama must have felt this morning, knowing that he is currently at the height of his dream, and simultaneously has never before been in more dangerous territory. Above and beyond his personal service to this nation, he is also asking us to take responsibility for this nation's service to the world. He wants us to start at home, and broaden our compassion out farther than many of us have ever stretched it before. He wants us to think big and act big, even in the smallest towns. Listening to his speech this morning was like a metta practice: start with self, expand to those you love, expand to those you don't love or know, expand to the entire world, then step back inwards.

And his beautiful family- totally and completely behind him in, even to step foot onto the stages and place themselves at risk for the sake of the mission. Brave women, all of them.

Today, at TSW, we are starting a spell for the Obama family's safety, for positive change with this term, and for Pres. Obama to stay true to his ideals in the face of pressure and adversity and challenge. If you'd like to add your own voice to the mix, come on down and add your written intention, blessing, or seal to place on our altar to a better future for all.

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Full inauguration day 2009 video watch on CNN web-site:
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