January 16, 2009

Happy new year!

OK, it's a little late. I should probably be saying "Happy Inauguration!" (and we ARE SO happy about it!)

But, here is a question: did you make new year's resolutions this year? What were they?

Mine were manifold. I build a lot of bulk into my resolutions. I usually align them along themes. Two years ago, it was the Charge of the Star Goddess- I aligned my resolutions under the categories of beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and pride, mirth and reverence. Last year, I aligned them along the 5 elements: Air was inspiration, Fire was combustion, Water was compassion, and Earth was integration. Then, I basically "file" all my practical, physical resolutions under those categories.

This year, I am working with a 7-branched World Tree theme - in accordance with Siberian mythology of the Goddess Ayyyhyt-Khotun, who sits in the 7-branched world tree and writes in a great golden book all the fates of every creature born on Earth. Big job. In my resolutions, each branch of the tree represents a different arena of my life, and then the actual practical resolutions fall under those. So, for example, under the branch of "Spiritual Growth" I have resolved to become a better spiritual practitioner and HPS of my coven by studying Buddhist communities and learning to adapt some of their metholodologies to a pagan conext that will help us be a strong community in CAYA. I also have my ongoing study of shamanism there, as well as deepening my meditation practice. Under the branch of "Prosperity" I have resolved to work toward the greater prosperity of The Sacred Well, and my own practice, and also to help CAYA achieve some financial goals. And so forth.

So, what are your resolutions?

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