April 26, 2009

Getting Container-ized at TSW

We recently began the project of making the back of the store look as good as the front of the store. It's important to be organized in our minds and personal space as well as organized in our public space.

So, we began working with Barbara Duncan, the professional organizer who helped Ninette and I with our home. She came in, made some great suggestions about how we could elevate stuff off the floor onto the walls, rearrange some items to create more space, and, finally, she said, "Container-ize!"

We got to work! We took about a week of Iris and I pulling everything off the shelves in the back, going through it, giving things away, throwing old stuff out (why do we have bags of corn husks? Rabbit raises her hand...guilty.)

Now, look at how great it has turned out! Things are organized, and we're in a better work flow. We started a productivity spell, and it's all coming together!

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