April 19, 2009

TSW seeking outside sales reps for our products

CREATE MAGIC! Outside Sales

Pagan company seeks spiritually open-minded sales representative to sell our new line of original artwork spell candles, magical gem and herb elixirs, and intention oils.

The perfect candidate:
- Has a belief in magical practices
- Feels no disconnect between spiritual practices and making money
- Is kind, compassionate, and works well with a wide variety of people with varied
spiritual beliefs
- Maintains focus, and is highly organized with attention to detail
- Is computer literate, email literate, with excellent communication skills
- Has reliable internet, phone and transportation
- Is enthusiastic and motivated

Position duties include all or some:
- Phone sales
- Direct store sales
- Light travel

Please include your resume with cover letter, and specify your desired territory. Also let us know of any stores in your area that you feel would be interested in our products. Mail these to Mollie Jensen, mollie.jensen@gmail.com

This is a commission-based position. We offer 13% on all sales after discounts, before tax and shipping, with future growth potential. Established accounts within the spiritual/ pagan retail community a plus. If you represent other lines, please be sure they are non-competitive. You are responsible for all transportation, meals, phone and internet expenses incurred. Company supplies all marketing materials, training materials and car stock/ samples.

Thank you for your interest.

Blessed Be!

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