April 14, 2009

Herbal Love Magic with Rabbit, 4/19

Herbal Love Magic
a workshop with Rabbit
3-5 PM
$35, includes all class supplies
The Sacred Well
536 Grand Ave.
Oakland, CA 94610
Please call and have your credit card handy to register for the class, or stop by the store and sign up.

“LOOOOOVE is a many-splendored thing…..”

Like it or not, we witches are quite often sought after regarding affairs of love. “What?” you ask, “Can you really make someone fall in love with me?” Let me put it this way…unethical love magic creates drama, bad karma, and ill-will. Ethical love magic creates confidence, personal magnetism, a sense of heart-centeredness, and the eventual attainment of long-lasting love. At this workshop, we’ll align ourselves with the vibration of universal love in a meditation, then explore some of my tried-and-true recipes for creating herbal potions that are designed to help you sashay, simmer, smolder, shimmer, and sail forth toward your heart’s desires.

This is one of my most well-attended and popular workshops on the road, and this is the first time I am offering it as a class here in the Bay Area. Join us for a ribald, fun, heart-warming good time!

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